REEL-TO-REEL: The Murder of Fred Hampton-Part (1 of 2)


REEL-TO-REEL:Play Back the Tape: The Murder of Fred Hampton-Part (1 of 2)

the murder of fred hampton

REEL-TO-REELPlay Back the Tape is a historic trip through the tape recorded truth of the life and story of the stolen Afrikan in America. It is the truth of the governmental and institutionalized injustice, horror and terror of the black man, woman and kin. The truth of slave and the free are strung together at the end of a reel of magnetic tape. The magnetic tape of the institutionalized brutality threaded through the recording and playback components of the life and struggle of the black people in America for human dignity and inalienable rights of life.

The Murder of Fred Hampton

About 4:45 a.m., Sgt. Daniel Groth knocked on the front door. When there was no answer, he knocked with his gun. The next seven minutes of gunfire became one of the most hotly disputed incidents of…

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