Chicago Schools Chief Resigns Amid Federal Probe


CHICAGO (AP) — Chicago Public School’s CEO Barbara Byrd-Bennett has resigned amid a federal probe of a $20 million no-bid contract that the district had with a training academy where she once worked as a consultant, officials said.

Statements released by Mayor Rahm Emanuel and the president of the board of the nation’s third-largest school district confirmed that Byrd-Bennett had stepped down. Board President David Vitale said the resignation was effective Monday.

Neither Emanuel nor Vitale commented on the investigation that prompted Byrd-Bennett to go on paid leave in April, though the mayor alluded to it in his statement.

“I am saddened by the circumstances that have led to Barbara’s resignation and I wish her well,” said Emanuel in two-sentence statement released by his office Monday morning.

Byrd-Bennett, who has not been accused of any wrongdoing, took her leave of absence amid reports that federal investigators were looking at the contract between CPS and SUPES Academy. A spokesman for the academy said it has turned over record to investigators, who have also asked for documents from Byrd-Bennett and three other employees. CPS has suspended its contract with SUPES.
Source: Chicago Schools Chief Resigns Amid Federal Probe


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