“You’re a Strong N*gger!” – Pig Splits Open Disabled Man’s Chin on Train: Lawsuit

MINNEAPOLIS (CN) – Though they never charged him with a crime, police officers used stun guns seven times on a disabled, black man riding the train, making him lose control of his bowels, he claims in Federal Court.

During the “illegal tasing” of Apollyon Kennedy-Bey on July 3, 2014, Metro Transit Police officer Emmanuel Martinez exclaimed, “You’re a strong nigger,” the June 2 complaint alleges.

Kennedy-Bey says he was then handcuffed him and thrown onto the platform of the 10th Street Station, where he split open his chin and was hit in the head by officers.

“The ability to safely, calmly and professionally interact with the public without rage and discrimination is an intrinsic and basic part of law enforcement,” the complaint states. “During and after the events of July 3, 2014, defendants showed a complete lack of these essential skills and a disregard for the rights and dignity of the plaintiff.”

Kennedy-Bey, who now lives in Atlanta, Ga., says he had been drinking before boarding the Green Line train for home, but that he was “the subject of excessive force, and unlawfully arrested without probable cause or any legal justification.”

“Throughout this incident, the plaintiff continually asked ‘what have I done,’” it continues. “But the officers never responded.”

Martinez had allegedly ordered Kennedy-Bey to “shut up” as the latter spoke with “another black man about being a Moorish American.”

After the confrontation, Kennedy-Bey says he was never returned the $523 that Martinez seized from his pocket – money that allegedly prompted the officer to ask Kennedy-Bey, who was wearing a cream-colored hat and pink-and-cream-colored shirt, if he was a pimp.

Source: “You’re a Strong N*gger!” – Pig Splits Open Disabled Man’s Chin on Train: Lawsuit


2 thoughts on ““You’re a Strong N*gger!” – Pig Splits Open Disabled Man’s Chin on Train: Lawsuit

  1. what is law is it the Greater Truth or just business the exercise the protocols of liberty but not True law or should I say UNIVERSAL LAW once one becomes a client of an Attorney ,,, they also become by default a ( ward of the court ) NOW A LAWYER is a law- man or lay man and a civillan is one who is skilled in law.. so how can a person get the greater truth or true justice they kill us so called black and so called white in the state of Minnesota and across the U.S.A. WHEN WILL WE GET JUSTICE OR IS IT JUST-US Apollyon Kennedy- bey a free man


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