Donald Trump: “If Black Lives Don’t Matter Here Go Back to Africa”

Donald Trump: “If Black Lives Don’t Matter Here Go Back to Africa” (
“If I don’t like the food the waitress brings me I send it back to the kitchen. And I go eat somewhere else” Said Donald Trump attempting to clarify the idiotic statement he made moments ago. Presidential candidate Donald Trump has put his foot in his mouth two times first his rape statements about Mexicans

25 thoughts on “Donald Trump: “If Black Lives Don’t Matter Here Go Back to Africa”

    • There are thousands of articles on this news feed. Many concerning colossal size issues, which get less response then this. And you guys are actually disgusted that ‘one article’ (about a guy who claimed “Mexicans” are the logical explanation for America’s rape problem) was incorrect? It’s people like this who chime in to defend bullshit like this and not (idk, the current mass genocide of a entire people) that have become a bigger problem in this country then Donald Trump will ever be.


      • Way to make excuses for your lack of fact checking. Just take this down and you won’t look bad anymore. The reason this got so much attention is because it pops up quickly on google if you search around for “donald trump go back to africa”. I never would have heard of your website otherwise.


        • This has already been established but fortunately none of the other readers have given enough of a fuck about Donald Trump to actually waste breaths on it. I appreciate the concern but I try not to take anybody seriously who advocates racist capitalist reality TV show millionaires for president of the United States.


      • And in terms of genocide, I’m curious what you’re referring to. Are you referring to deaths in Africa? Or are you referring to deaths in America? And which deaths, exactly? If it’s in America, then I am either wholly ignorant of this genocide or genocide is too strong of a word to be using.


  1. And the foot should def go in his mouth.All he’s doing is loosing credibility as a running candidate and uniting people against him or loosing an impending vote.Not a productive promotional strategy for an envisioned win.

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  2. What’s Hilariously Interesting Is How The Reparations Offender, Generational Skin Sinner, & Murderous Trespasser To Boot–Always Open There Devilish Mouths To Tell Others To Leave…..MIND YOU!!

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