Here’s How Much $100 is Really Worth in Your State


A Benjamin in New York is not as sweet as one in Nebraska, according to recent analysis by the Tax Foundation.

That likely comes as little surprise to those of us living in cities like New York or Los Angeles, where the cost of living is traditionally higher than elsewhere. Now you can see, on a state-by-state basis, exactly what those differences look like.

California, New York, and New Jersey will sap your funds, while $100 gets you the most in areas such as Mississippi, South Dakota, and Arkansas.

The analysis comes from data compiled for the Bureau of Economic Analysis, which has been measuring the price differences between states for two years now. It recently released price data for 2013, and the Tax Foundation used the numbers to adjust the value on a $100 basis.

There are major disparities between regions. For instance, a person who earns $50,000…

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