It’s unanimous: Florida county votes to resurrect the Confederate flag at public pig memorial

The Confederate flag goes up again in Ocala, Florida at the Fallen Officers Memorial, a public site (screenshot/WKMG video footage)

A county board in Florida has voted unanimously to make sure the Confederate flag continues flying atop a public site honoring deceased police officers, WKMG reports.

According to the local news outlet, members of the Marion County Board of County Commissioners voted on Tuesday to re-raise a Confederate flag over the Fallen Officers Memorial in Ocala. The site of remembrance, which commemorates officers who died while performing official law enforcement duties, sits on land paid for by taxpayers, just outside the Marion County administration building on Southeast 25th street.

In June, Interim County Administrator Bill Kaufman and Marion County Board Chairperson Stan McLain ordered the rebel banner out of the police memorial. And until this week, no Confederate flag waved over the solemn site in Ocala.

But after Tuesday’s vote, the Confederate flag flies again on public property of Marion County, at the behest of its five commissioners.

The Marion County board helpfully posts information about citizen participation opportunities on its webpage. According to the site, the commissioners convene once a month in an Ocala auditorium, and the public is invited to attend.

A screenshot of the commissioners is below:

Screen Shot 2015-07-07 at 3.17.59 PM

Some of the board members keep Facebook pages too, which include posts about quoting economist Milton Friedman about government inefficiencies, rock shows for Jesus, and various photos of the county officials with more nationally recognized Florida conservatives, including Allen West, Marco Rubio, and current Republican Governor Rick Scott.

WFTV has posted video of the Confederate flag’s revival in Ocala, Florida. Watch here:


7 thoughts on “It’s unanimous: Florida county votes to resurrect the Confederate flag at public pig memorial

  1. Ironically, Tunisia victims Harald Konrad Pape and Gisela Vockensperger were born in Germany under the Nazi flag. Remember Pape and Gisela are not Nazis and they are good people and they are just German.


  2. On the very day the Confederate Flag went down in South Carolina State Capitol, the British government would have told British tourists in Tunisia, “PACK YOUR BAGS AND GET OUT, RIGHT NOW!”


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