Pigs Beat Unarmed Woman In Front of Her Children When She Tried To Pick Up Cellphone


Washington D.C. police have now launched an investigation after a YouTube video emerged of woman being severely beaten by an officer in front of her children.

“This is straight-out police brutality and we have videos to show it,” Forrest Boggs, said. Forrest is the woman’s husband, who was also on the scene.

The cellphone video was shot by a friend of Forrest and Chadon Boggs. They were there to help a friend move, but police claimed they had been called to the scene to break up a fight between four people.

But everyone there said there was never any fight and police just rolled up to harass them.

Police even confirmed that when they showed up there was no fight.

But they said that “Boggs [husband]… spat a wad of saliva onto Officer Blier’s scout car rear window and then continued to walk E/B in the alley.”

Forrest Boggs says that this is not exactly true. “I did spit, but I didn’t spit on his car.”

The video shows the cop detaining Boggs. Within seconds they are on the ground.

The police report claims that “Boggs [wife]… ran up to Officer Blier and started grabbing him, attempting to free Boggs [husband].”

Chadon Boggs explains, “I was over there, trying to tell my husband to calm down, don’t fight and don’t resist.”

She said she just rushed in to pick up her husbands belongings that were falling, including his smart phone. Then “an officer came and rushed up and shoved me onto the back of a police car and took his stick out and began to start hitting me with the stick.”

That’s when officers rushed her and began beating her.

“The fact that my children seen it is even more devastating to me, because they were crying, they were in tears,” she said.

The two of them told local ABC7 that they are filing a formal complaint Friday. For their part, the Metropolitan Police Department says they are “reviewing the footage” of the incident “to determine whether any of its officers acted inappropriately.”

Watch the video below…


Source: Pigs Beat Unarmed Sister In Front of Her Children When She Tried To Pick Up Cellphone


3 thoughts on “Pigs Beat Unarmed Woman In Front of Her Children When She Tried To Pick Up Cellphone

  1. Why are these male officers being so rough with Black women??! I really don’t understand the need for all these “investigations” if there’s clear evidence of brutality? Shit is so disgusting.


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