Minnesota NAACP leader shocks CNN: Police are ‘behind’ the Black Lives Matter shooting


Raeisha Williams, communications chair of the Minneapolis NAACP, told CNN that members of law enforcement were “behind” the Monday night shooting of Black Lives Matter protesters.

During an interview on Tuesday, CNN host Brooke Baldwin asked Williams to react to breaking news that two men had been arrested in connection to shootings that injured at least five people who were protesting the killing of Jamar Clark.

“We’re hearing two [arrests] at this time,” Williams explained. “But we don’t necessarily trust that. We know that the police department is behind this, this is our personal belief after receiving witness accounts.”

“Wait, wait, wait,” Baldwin interrupted. “You said you believe the police department is behind what?”

“We believe the police department is facilitating the injustice, bullying the protesters,” Williams replied. “And we also believe that they’re involved in this shooting. We know from blackboards and chat rooms and also videos that we have posted on our website that police that are from different counties, police from different districts have come down to entice the protesters, have come down to bully the protesters.”

Baldwin, who was broadcasting from Paris, noted that Williams had made “serious allegations” on national television.

“And we are standing behind it, we do not back down from these allegations,” Williams insisted.

“Where is your evidence that they were involved in the shooting?” Baldwin pressed.

According to Williams, police were “lurking” near the shooting and then refused to provide help to the injured protesters.

“This is what you’ve been wanting,” she recalled one of the officers saying.

“It took 15 minutes for the police to even arrive and shortly after that, they began to Mace the crowd,” Williams said. “So if you’re not part of the problem, if this is not something you’re trying to cover up, why would you not attend to victims who paid for your salaries?”

Williams said that her group had “video evidence of an undercover cop getting into an unmarked car.”

“We believe — and we stand behind our belief — that the Minneapolis Police Department is not protecting us and therefore they stand with racist white supremacists who want to destroy a peaceful movement,” she concluded.

Watch the video below from CNN, broadcast Nov. 24, 2015.

Source: Minnesota NAACP leader shocks CNN: Police are ‘behind’ the Black Lives Matter shooting

2 thoughts on “Minnesota NAACP leader shocks CNN: Police are ‘behind’ the Black Lives Matter shooting

  1. Minnesota is not a good place for black people to live. The racism in this state has been ignored for years. One reason is because this place has a good propaganda machine that gives off the appearance that this state is great for minorities. Only for certain foreign groups is this true but the average black person like myself, this state is horrible. A report just declared the Minneapolis-St.-Paul area to be the third worst city for employment and education for black people. Even if you have a degree, you still don’t fair well in this state. So many black people foolishly take on the attitude it is bad everywhere and racism exist everywhere but what you have to understand that some places are worse then others.

    I hope people understand this state is another part of UP South. Don’t get it twisted because it is North. The things that go on all over the country go on here as well and at a great magnitude. It is shame this is happening but I hope black people are paying attention so much of the focus on racisim is unjustly given to the south or the east coast, Don’t slip on Minnesota. Confederate flags and as you see the killing of black people is here and they didn’t just get here either.


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