22 Yr Old Black Man Found Hanging From A Tree In Jackson,Mississippi!

Jackson Police Commander Tyree Jones said officers went to a home on Topp Avenue to do a welfare check. When they arrived on the scene, the found a 22-year-old man hanging from a tree in the backyard. His name has not been released.


2 thoughts on “22 Yr Old Black Man Found Hanging From A Tree In Jackson,Mississippi!

  1. I am first sorry for the family for there lost, second, I hope that this was not a raciest act. if this is a raciest act , we need to come together and let them know(( we the people, say no more the people are the gov. )) as a hole all the brothers, sisters, fathers, and mothers, that serve this country and The ones that work and the ones that don’t each child from around the world needs to say no more . one thing for sure, if this is happening to one race , why wont it happen to another. is this thinning of the blood or are they trying to put fear back into the mothers and fathers of this world so they can make the new race and kill the blood line. I AM Apollyon Kennedy Bey Like I stated in 2014 in the state of Minnesota on the train our children, our fathers, brothers and sisters of all NATIONALITYs can die for a country but not get the respect nor love from his or her country men or women. this is nothing but symbolizing mis-justice for we the people all around the world. look at all t5he people in the state that have been killed in the state of minnesota and other states, so look at the big picture in the painting not the color of the painting all life is a gift, and your child is my child and it sadness my hear that we bring another child into this world of heat and not love.


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